Im the one without the…


Im the one without the shades ; – )

This was my first time on a
Caribbean Cruise: 20/06/15. T’was
amazingggg! Yes, I love to travel,
and have fun. I make life work for
me, and not the other-way around.

I decided to blog using this picture
because, I want to give my followers
a glimpse of my world, and who I
spend my time with.

To all of my followers, and prospectives
this is just an ‘Intro.’ I have some pretty
amazing things I’m bringing to my
blog in the weeks and months to come.


Shoes to rock during the holidays

It’s the eve of Christmas 2015. Everyone’s busy shopping and preparing for the ‘Big Day’. While some like myself; we’re confused as to what shoes to wear 😭😭

Let’s start with comfort: ladies I know you want to look sexy, but don’t risk getting bunions or sprained ankles. These days are going by really fast but those bunions are there to stay.

How to keep it sexy, cute and comfortable? Well start by buying your actual shoe size 🙈. I don’t mean to sound harsh, but I’m keeping it 💯

Secondly, to keep it sexy, cute and comfy; purchase heels you’re use to walking in. No need to go up an extra inch or two just for the Christmas. You will not only look good, but you will feel confident in sticking with heels you’re use to 😘.

Adding shoe cushions to your outfit would be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. Shoe cushions can make right any uncomfortable feeling you had about a pair of heels 😉

Hope that these tips save some toes and ankles during the Holidays ☺️☺️😘😘👌🏾

Keep following my blogs for more tips on what style and color to wear during the holidays 🙌🏼🙌🏼


Pat Rahming : From The Black Book

Over 26 years ago I shared the following thoughts with those sitting in Parliament. While a few of the thoughts have been made redundant, sad to say, the general condition of our society has not changed. I therefore thought I would share the letter again, hoping that the present slaughter might encourage us to ask more seriously why we have become what we have become.

The letter is published in a collection called “The Naïve Agenda”, available at the following link

Let me know what you think.



3rd January 1989

Dear Member of Parliament,

Happy New Year

This is a letter about problem solving. It is about an architect offering solutions to monstrous national problems using complex and perhaps unusual psychological rationale, backed by no specialist training and no authorities on the subject. It may therefore be regarded as either the ranting of a lunatic or…

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Sole stoppers/life savers



Sole stoppers are truly life savers. When a woman is in a rush there’s no time to be walking like a snail( or like a lady)😰

Walking in a nice pair of stilletos really takes skills and, I commend all my ladies out there who has mastered this 👌🏾

Okay so I promised you that I would have the solution to feeling secured in heels when everything else is working against you( I mean surface wise)

Sole stoppers are truly life safers!! I will attach a photo of how those goodies look. Ladies these ought to be a staple in every woman’s closet.

If you are wise and go ahead and grab you a pair, you can walk free and secure and have confidence like the famous Neomi Campbell 😁☺️

Whomever created this product probably was a woman( you know we always ahead of the game 💅🏽)

Nonetheless, I can’t stress enough that all women who wear heels ought to have a few of these.

Sole stoppers are to be inserted at the bottom of your shoes(which would be at the bottom of the sole)

When you purchase them just read the instructions. Very easy to apply.

To all of my travelers, ticket agents, hoteliers and everyone in between. Do yourselves a huge favor and give sole stoppers a try.

You can purchase this product from or call/whatsapp 2424310192 for more information

Thanks for reading all the way to the end ☺️

You Can Walk In My Shoes!! Here’s How:

Me in the flesh

Me in the flesh

Source: You Can Walk In My Shoes!! Here’s How:

You Can Walk In My Shoes!! Here’s How:

I know, I know, the saying goes “try to walk in my shoes” or whatever. Here’s what I say; you definitely can walk in my shoes, so keep reading to learn how 😉
I follow Kim Kardashian, like I’m obsessed with her drive, fashion, boldness etc. Anyway, this one time I was actually on IG and saw she was wearing THE most gorgeous pair of shoes(she could have looked like $h!t) which made everything else non-existent. Long story short, I went online and found a similar pair and made my purchase. Angels were singing in my ears(if you read my earlier post, you’d know how shopping for shoes makes me feel). Fast forward, my babies were delivered and now the moment came to try on. Oh my goshhhhhh, looking in the mirror at myself wearing them( oh I forgot to tell you that they were ruby red 😍) made all my worry disappear, yes poof! I made one, two steps and almost tumbled my a$$ on the floor 😔. Okay now my worries came back, the one I had before I tried them on and, the one I developed when I tried to walk in them.
I don’t know about you guys but, I love to research everything. I mean down to my eye twitching 🙈. You guessed it, I googled soo many things and believe it or not I ended up watching a clip of an interview of Kim Kardashian 🙈😁 and, how she’s able to walk comfortably in heels. Step 1.(this is the only step really needed) Walk on the HEEL of the SHOES FIRST those who struggle in 4″ or more you MUST walk “Heel toe, heel toe” there is absolutely no way around this. Walking on the heel of your stilettos or whatever kind of shoes first and then the sole of the shoe, it actually secures your position. When you do this you do not have to look down while you walk(do you know women who look down while they walk are less confident than other women or appear to be?) You can walk with all the confidence in the world knowing that you are secured. Now this is onlyyyy if your shoe grip is in good condition and the surface your walking on is not wet or slippery. Otherwise stay tuned for my next article on how to be secured and confident walking in heels when everything else is working against you 😉🙌🏼☺️😘

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The feeling you get after you purchased a pair of stilettos

I remember one time I was feeling realllllly out of it and, my day (felt like my entire life) was spiraling out of control. I know many people can attest to mannyyy days as such. Anyway, that particular day I went online and just started looking at different sites clothes, shoes that kind of stuff. Yeah I know, nothing informative about how to get over a stressful day 😏. Well not in so many words. I ended up on one of my favorite sites yes shoedazzle 🙈. Oh my gosh, that site was life within itself. Finally beauty in a dark world, from the beautiful fushia pink pumps to the neon green stilettos. I guess you can kind of guess this was during the summer.

Oh my! Online shopping had saved the day. Better yet those nice pointed mouth STILETTOS were everything a woman dreams of. A big house, fancy car, loads of money in the bank etc. That’s how my purchase that day made me feel. C’mon please tell me I’m not the only one that feels like that when I purchase a sexy a$$ pair of STILETTOS. It got even better,  when my shoes were delivered to me and they fit 👏👏👏👏 . They looked wayyyyy better in person, I kid you not I felt like a Goddess and wasn’t even dressed up yet,  chileeeee 💅🏽💅🏽☺️

I would love to get some feed backs about my first blog and also feel free to share your experience after you’ve made a purchase

Stilettos make you feel like a Goddess

Stilettos make you feel like a Goddess