The feeling you get after you purchased a pair of stilettos

I remember one time I was feeling realllllly out of it and, my day (felt like my entire life) was spiraling out of control. I know many people can attest to mannyyy days as such. Anyway, that particular day I went online and just started looking at different sites clothes, shoes that kind of stuff. Yeah I know, nothing informative about how to get over a stressful day 😏. Well not in so many words. I ended up on one of my favorite sites yes shoedazzle 🙈. Oh my gosh, that site was life within itself. Finally beauty in a dark world, from the beautiful fushia pink pumps to the neon green stilettos. I guess you can kind of guess this was during the summer.

Oh my! Online shopping had saved the day. Better yet those nice pointed mouth STILETTOS were everything a woman dreams of. A big house, fancy car, loads of money in the bank etc. That’s how my purchase that day made me feel. C’mon please tell me I’m not the only one that feels like that when I purchase a sexy a$$ pair of STILETTOS. It got even better,  when my shoes were delivered to me and they fit 👏👏👏👏 . They looked wayyyyy better in person, I kid you not I felt like a Goddess and wasn’t even dressed up yet,  chileeeee 💅🏽💅🏽☺️

I would love to get some feed backs about my first blog and also feel free to share your experience after you’ve made a purchase

Stilettos make you feel like a Goddess

Stilettos make you feel like a Goddess