Sole stoppers/life savers



Sole stoppers are truly life savers. When a woman is in a rush there’s no time to be walking like a snail( or like a lady)😰

Walking in a nice pair of stilletos really takes skills and, I commend all my ladies out there who has mastered this 👌🏾

Okay so I promised you that I would have the solution to feeling secured in heels when everything else is working against you( I mean surface wise)

Sole stoppers are truly life safers!! I will attach a photo of how those goodies look. Ladies these ought to be a staple in every woman’s closet.

If you are wise and go ahead and grab you a pair, you can walk free and secure and have confidence like the famous Neomi Campbell 😁☺️

Whomever created this product probably was a woman( you know we always ahead of the game 💅🏽)

Nonetheless, I can’t stress enough that all women who wear heels ought to have a few of these.

Sole stoppers are to be inserted at the bottom of your shoes(which would be at the bottom of the sole)

When you purchase them just read the instructions. Very easy to apply.

To all of my travelers, ticket agents, hoteliers and everyone in between. Do yourselves a huge favor and give sole stoppers a try.

You can purchase this product from or call/whatsapp 2424310192 for more information

Thanks for reading all the way to the end ☺️